Making a group episode account

If interested DM me @melodicdreams._
First 2 who are interested will be Co-owners

Looking for people for the following spots:

Co owner- need 2
Story reviewer- need 5
Cover maker- need 6
Background maker- need 5
Overlay maker- need 5
PFP maker- need 4
Outline maker- need 5
Proofreader- need 3
Artists (can cover all artistic needs)

Ages 14+
Drama free
Good communication
Must put the account in bio or highlights
Me and the 2 co owners will only have the account until trust level is built between others then I will decide if you are fit to have it
You must be trust worthy
You must have a consistent upload time

And that’s it, good luck


I was ready to reply but then I saw 14+ and I am 13