Making a lot of background characters?

Hello! I recently started my story and I was wondering if there was a way to make a lot of background characters quickly. Like people in a marketplace or a train station. My story needs a LOT of background characters and it’s taking me a long time to make each one, change to fit the time period, change costumes, and then spot direct one by one. Is there a faster way to do this? I see some stories that also has a lot of background characters.

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Many people ask here on the forums for background characters, so you could use characters from other people.
You can also just script something like this without having the characters made yet:

When you hit save, you’ll get to see that those characters don’t exist and it can make you randomly generated characters, yet, still change those a bit when they for example are white with an POC hairstyle.

As for the clothing, you’ll have to do it all seperatly.

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It is really time consuming having to come up with all the extras you need. Aside from what was mentioned above :point_up:t2:, the only other option is asking people on the forums if they’d like to share their details and be in your story. It cuts down on time spend because you’re quickly selecting their character details instead of having to create your own. And most people have outfits included as well, which is awesome, because to me making the outfits takes the longest.

If you want to request bg characters, you can create a thread for it and specify what roles you’re looking to fill (ex best friend, 20 bg, 2 teachers etc). Be sure to ask how people want credited as well, to be respectful since you’re using their character.

If you don’t wish to create a thread, here are two bg character threads where the OP shares their characters. Be sure to read their rules and credit them appropriately if you choose to use their characters.

MY OC’S (share your characters details, background characters)
•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ Robyn’s BG Character Drive

As for spotting, there’s no “quick” way to do that unless you request a template from someone and have them do it. For that, you’d have to provide the number of characters you want on scene, along with the background. Otherwise, you’ll have to do it yourself. Just take that one step at a time. Place everyone on screen in the default positions, then move them around one by one until you’re satisfied with their positions, then go through and paste their spots into your script and then finally add their animations.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for sharing my characters <333

LET'S SHARE OUR BACKGROUND CHARACTERS HERE (you can choose for your stories) I would also include this, there are more characters there

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What I like to do is create 10-12 background characters with 2-3 outfits each, and change their hairstyle/eye colour/etc. in the script when I’m re-using them by using the @CHARACTER changes feature into featurename command. It’s way easier than creating like 30 background characters!

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Thanks for sharing my drive, Kylie! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@bookish I’m happy to write you some script templates and come up with some historical outfits if you’d like!

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