Making a Story Cover


Hey, If I’m making my own cover, am I allowed to go on google images and find a cool picture I like, and then just add a title and maybe a filter or is that not allowed for copyright reasons?


I think it should work :grin:


Yes, as long as the images aren’t of logos, brands, well-known icons, etc. And also be wary of any kind of watermark or signature, as those get rejected.


oh okay, thank you!


Yes, you can do that! But if you need a cover with your characters, talk to me!
Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio! I also make backgrounds, splashes and overlays! Here are some examples of covers:

More examples on my Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Thanks, Dani :black_heart:


Hello @episode.emma! This is Sydney the Moderator. Just a quick reminder to take a look at our Forum Tutorial for advice on where to correctly create topics. I’ve already moved this one from Creator’s Corner into Art Resources since we’re discussing covers. :wink:

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