Making a unique story

I need inspiration on what to write about. I want it to be unique, what should I do?

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good idea:grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Im not trying to be mean but you want others idea and then you write it as your own and by the way it would be more wonderful and original if YOU think of an idea and write about it

Maybe a story where the girl is in love with a boy and it looks like they will end up together. but then she ends up falling for a girl? IDK but I’ve not seen that before!


Write about what YOU like. Write about what inspires you. But give it your own twist. It doesn’t have to be something that has never been done before, as long as it isn’t a copy of a copy of the same setting as every other story that’s in the trending section.

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i agree w @MariannaEscalante

ik it’s really hard in the beginning to create a unique piece of writing, but inspiration will come to you. watch some new videos or read a book, something will come to you. and when it does, make it not only a story, but a lifetime of new characters, new personalities, and new writing.

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You can always take a cliche storyline that you’re tired of seeing, think about why you don’t like it, and then put your own fresh spin on it.

If you don’t know what to write, I know there are people who have unused plots they are willing to gift, or even are willing to come up with ideas you’d like for you to write. But, either way, just write the story you’d like to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s cliché or not, as long as it makes you happy.

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