Making a video to show in instagram

ho to make a video to show on your story for example to show that someone is cheating.

@Zoekezoef I don’t really understand what your questions is, would you mind rephrasing it?

i dont really know how to rephrase it, just that someone is looking at a cell phone and some sends a video message and the readers see that message, like you can see the news on tv i think it is the same script.

Ok, so I think I understand what your saying now (Thx for saying it again!), I think what you need to do is code what you want the person to do in the video like your coding a regular episode but add a phone overlay on top of it to make it look like the MC (or other character) is watching it.
For an example:

@overlay SELFIE FEMALE 1 shifts to x y z
@ JOSH stands (spot)
&JESSY stands (spot)
&JESSY is kiss_rear
&JOSH is kiss

If your wanting to do texts find a background then use the overlay on that again and have the characters standing off screen talking and move the speech bubble to that zone? Sorry I’m not sure if that made sense, tell me if I can help with anything else :grin:

i have the video already it is a scene from my episode that is filmed to do someone harm.

oh ok cool!

But I need to know ho i made a script like that… @apes ?

I have no idea what you trying to do

am i so unclear. i want a person looking at his phone and seeing a video off his wife who is making love with another man. And it is send anonymous to him.

Someone already told you how to do it. You can’t really show the person and the phone at the same time (even if you would want to try to do it you’ll need and idea first of how to do it and different overlays) I suggest doing scene and using selfie overlay and then show the guy and use shocked animation while he’s holding his phone

yes that i know, so i have to do it in the same way as i do my text messages.

Yes, just put the characters behind the overlay

yes but know it is a whole script does that work too.