Making a wrong choice

Is there a way to end the episode after a choice is made?

I want one of the choices to be the “wrong” choice, and for it to end the episode, and possibly the whole story, if that choice is made, but I want the episode to go on if the other choice is made. Is there any way for me to do that? And is there a way to lock the next episode for whoever chose the wrong choice?

I would suggest instead routing them back to the beginning of the scene where they made the wrong choice.

That’s a pretty cool idea :slight_smile: How do I do that?

You will have to create goto labels. I’m awful at explaining these things myself but check out this link!

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Thanks for the help :smile: I really appreciate it!

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That’s so mean :smiley: :joy:

but you would need to use gains if you want to remember the wrong/right choice

Lol keep in mind if you do that, you’d get a lot of angry readers who’d spend a pass to “read” the next episode and be stuck in some kind of loop lol.
However, if you do have a story with (for example) a bad ending and you don’t want the reader to continue reading on, you could trap the reader in a loop in that episode (by using labels and gotos). Then if they wanted to try again, they’d need to replay the entire story.

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