Making an Airplane Fly in the Sky

I would like to have a scene that shows airplane flying in the sky. I’m familiar with using overlays, but I don’t know how to move them; especially airplanes. So, how would I be able to show an airplane flying in the sky?

The type of overlay doesn’t matter, but for the sake of the example the relevant overlay shall be called AIRPLANE.

Overlays are positioned with:

@overlay AIRPLANE shifts to x y

If you add a time clause to this command (like this)

@overlay AIRPLANE shifts to x2 y2 in t

the plane will take t seconds in order to shift from its original position (x, y) to its new position (x2, y2).

There’s a guides section on the portal, which you can find more detailed information on if you need it.

Getting to the guide overlay section
  1. Go to:
  2. Under “Directing Your Story” click on the dropdown menu titled “Scene Directing”
  3. Under that new section, click on “Placing & Animating Overlays”
  4. Profit

Passionfruit summed it up, but here’s Dara’s how-to thread just in case:

It includes making overlays shift.

I did that, and it didn’t come out right.

How so?

This is how I did the coding:

@overlay AIRPLANE shifts to 6 410 in 4

Do I need to spot the overlay first?

You also can add the zone for where you want the plane to shift. Try that and let us know if it works.

I tried that, and it didn’t work for me.

INT. BACKGROUND with NAME to % X1 Y1 in zone # at layer #

@cut to zone #

@overlay NAME shifts to X2 Y2 in zone # in S

If you’re having the airplane come in from the side and exit out/go to the other side, then yes, you need to place the airplane overlay offscreen in your scene. % controls size, X controls left-right movement and Y controls up, down. All replaced with numbers (S is the time in seconds and # is a number)


Okay! It worked! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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