Making and changing outfits

I’m a new writer and I was watching a tutorial for making and changing outfits. So I made an outfit for the guy but it’s not working. The outfit I made was the one he wore the whole episode and idk how to change the outfits

script looks like this:


@KAYLA enters from left to screen right

@KAYLA faces left

@TY changes into TY_party_casual

@TY enters from left to screen left

Someone help please!

When you code the character automatically changes into the default outfit you create unless you tell your script to make the change @CHARACTER changes into (input outfit name)

Is TY_party_casual your default outfit? Because then your script by default will make the character wear that outfit unless you make the character change into another outfit. Another possible case is you are previewing from the web previewer which often glitches when it comes to outfits (at least for me it does). Try previewing from your phone app.

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To change an outfit you have to copy the outfit and put it into your script (eg. Black Dress.) you would do @CHARACTER previews Black Dress.
there’s been a recent update and I’m not sure that this still stands but as of March it should work!!

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