Making art for random people (CLOSED)

Hola people I’m making some are for people now when I have time so if you guys want a edit from a chicken nugget please message me :slight_smile:

Here is some of my work

Bye bye


Hello can you make me a art?

Hi, I would love an edit :sweat_smile:
But only if you want to! :heart:

Well of course. Thank you for replying so fast tell me what you want :slight_smile:

Oh okay I can do that just send me what you want and some info about the edit you want me to make it will be easier for me the more you request hahah. But I take my time if that’s okay with you .

Im currently making a story and i need to make a kissing scene but im not talented at drawing so i was just wondering if you coud make a kissing scene for me but only if you are able to do it

Oh okay send me pictures of the people and I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

My ink details are:

For hair, it’s Straight (I have long hair)

I want it kind of Wonder Woman themed but if you can’t do it, it’s OK :sweat_smile:


EYEBROWS:defined natural
HAIR: beach wave- white
EYES: upturned feline- purple
FACE: Oval
NOSE: elven
LIPS: Full round - scarlet


EYEBROWS Meduim sharp
HAIR: manbun -black
EYES: classic almond - blue
FACE: defined triangle
NOSE: Button
LIPS: classic - tuape

Oh what do you mean by that hahah it sound amazing but I don’t really know what you mean

Could you send pictures of them?

It wont let me add the images

Like red and yellow color themed with a crown? :thinking:
It’s fine if you can’t do it! :heart:

Do you have a Instagram?


Oh so armor?

Oh can you send them to peanut_episode on Instagram then

Yeah, sure!

Woww i’m really in love with your arts! It’s amazing😍 do you also make covers?

Yea but at the moment I’m already working on3 requests so it will have to wait for a moment

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