Making Background Characters for you

I am still adding there is only three girls on there but they are all background characters I have and will be making for my story that will not have really any roll in the story. A few of them may have a line or two here or there and that’s it. All I ask if you just share with your friends and others to help them out :slight_smile:

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Bump…Will be adding more today to the drive :slight_smile:
Also anyone can leave characters to be use in the drive also if they want. Now these are for all to use for BC so don’t leave your MC. But if you want to help add to the drive just leave a screenshot of the character and details of the character and there outfit.

Bump have added a few more. you can always just use the outfits or the characters details if like :slight_smile: There will be more guys added soon :slight_smile: