Making Backgrounds with IbisPaint


Does anyone know how to make their own backgrounds with IbisPaint for their stories? Or any other apps that can? I would love to start making my own backgrounds for my stories. If you are willing to teach me, I’m willing to learn how.


Kiss.png has some overlays for making background


I’ve edited quite a few episode original backgrounds using IbisPaint X however i’ve never drew one from scratch :revolving_hearts:


I’ve drawn mine from scratch, but I use the draw tool on PicsArt


Can I see some examples? Private message works :slight_smile:


I will send them through here! First Is A Half Edit (also my first ever) but theses are my best ones


Wow! These are incredible!! Can you teach me how to make backgrounds on PicsArt? If you want to talk on Instagram, my username is @mindy.stories


Of course, I will just pm you through here as my instagram dming is a hasten lol