Making backgrounds


I’ve noticed how people make great backgrounds from other backgrounds, but also how it seems they make their own. I was wondering how to do this. For example…

Alexa_episode changed the original walk-in closet…


To her own walk-in closet…


Everything else is pretty easy to understand and can be figured out, but I don’t understand how she removed the clothes on the hangers and added the epi clothes. I know how to get the clothes… but how did she make the original background clothes disappear while using the same hangers?


Im guessing she found the exact color behind the clothes and added them on top of the clothes that were there and then added the new clothes.


Yeah but how? There’s not an exact color behind the clothes… It’s blended… And she left the hanger. She basically erased the original clothes but left the hangers and then added the epi clothes. I want to know how she did that


Can you make me a Background, please




Anyone, I guess


Me ans my friend can help go here :grin:

I also have all my examples on my insta Art_episode


Yeah I’ve made many closets and Teah can too