Making changes to the previois chapters. Question about it

My story has already 22 chapters.

I wanna make a few changes in the first chapter.
Does it affect the readers in any way?

I also wanna make some changes in several chapters like 2, 10, 18, etc. (Additional changes to the CC)
How does it affect the readers and how to avoid it?

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if you change anything in the story it will let reader reread the chapter - but it only influences the readers who as a last have readed the chapter where you have made changes - therefore it is not good to make changes in your last chapter because most readers have most likely tis one as last reader.

To make it clear - you have 22 chapters

if you make change for example in chapter 4 - it will influence only the readers who happen in that time read the 4 chapter as their last (they havent strted chapter 5) - so this readers will be forced to reread this chapter (4) - episode will give them one extra pass because of it.

But if you have like 1000 readers and all have readed chapter 22 and you will now change it all the 1000 readers will be forced to reread this chapter

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Thank you. Lucky for me I only wanna make changes in early chapters. Due to the new features in CC and some minor stuff I wanna change in chapter 1. :blush:

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