Making character edits (for practice) {requests open}


Sorry @AmeliaEpisode it isn’t the exact pose you wanted but I hope you will still like it!


Are you up for doing my request :thinking:


Of course I am… And I need to apologize, cause I just checked my pms and saw the message I thought I did send you was apparently never sent…


Aahh don’t worry about that I thought you was busy so didn’t PM you!! You can PM me when you’re free :slight_smile:
And coming to my character details, Here are they!!


OMG YOU ARE SO AMAZING! Thank you so much! should i credit your instagram (if you have one) or your episode?


Hey sorry to bother you again, but your art is so amazing! I was wondering if I could get one for the boy in my story? If so here are the details…

Pose: Could you make him holding a gun in his left hand and him biting his lip, also if you could make the edit down to his knees…

Style: 2

Extra: If you could make his eyes brighter and his musles coming out of his shirt




@Jessica.C, @anj, @BrookeKunis94, @AmeliaEpisode and @roseyy I am sorry my life has been busy, I will get working on the request probably tomorrow, Friday or the weekend…


No prob!! Don’t worry about that :slight_smile:


Thanks x


No problem! :relaxed:


@Jessica.C this is what I made from your character.


I freaking love this thank you so muchhh!


okay and you really don’t have to say sorry :joy:


girl omg your edits are amazing!!! can I request, please? <3


this is beautiful thank you


Hi, if you’re still taking request I’d love it if you could do mine.

Face Shape - Soft Heart

Hair - Rebel Half-Shaved; Chestnut

Eye Brows - Seductive Arch

Mouth - Classic; Scarlet

Nose - Soft Natural

Skin Tone - Light

Eyes - Upturned Luxe; Green (Light-ish)

Position - Wink Forward

If you can. Could you please do it so has three rings on top of her ear (On/through her cartilage).

(Style 1, if possible. But okay will either.)

Also, for your credit, if you could add it to the bottom that would be great.

Again, if you can’t I understand, I’m in no rush at all.





Thank you so much it’s perfect xx


@AmeliaEpisode, @roseyy and @EVL.Daisy sorry for the long wait, if you still want the edit let me know and I will get on it asap!
My life was kinda busy, but it’s calmed again!