Making Character Sheets and Splashes

Hey! I am making splashes and character sheets! I don’t have any examples of either (why I made this thread) But I do have examples of my covers and others until then!

Covers And Drawing

How Many Characters:
Limelight Or Ink:
Character Pose(s): (I do custom):
Character Detail(s):
What do You want the splash to be of? (Follow me instagram, turn up your volume, etc)

That’s it!:

Hello Brayden! I am gonna request a character sheet. :smile:

Form: Character Sheet

How Many Characters: 1 character
Limelight Or Ink: Ink
Character Pose(s): (I do custom): I really need a custom pose?! So the pose will be of my character holding a gun, and she is smiling with a wink.
Character Detail(s):
Darya -
Skin : Light
Brow : Mature Round
Hair : Beach Wave (Chestnut)
Eyes : Upturned Feline (Hickory)
Face : Oval
Nose : Upturned
Lips : Full Round (Terracotta)
Black Tank Top
High Waist Jeans New
Silver Pendent Necklace
Construction Worker Boots
Black Harlequin Mask

I hope this isn’t too hard. But if you have any questions or disregards, I will be happy to answer them!