Making characters KICK! [A GUIDE]

Hii, I’m TT and I’ll be covering kicking in this thread :heart:

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To make a character kick another character or something else in general, you’ll need a leg overlay first.
To get this overlay simply go to animation preview.

dance_kpop works for me very well, I suggest using that one!

After that, you need to right-click and save the image. When it’s done, you can ask someone to cut the background or you can cut it with an editing software!

Here’s the part you need to cut and save:

As this is kicking, you only take the leg. When you’re done with your overlay, upload it! And now, it’s time to code!

Now what I like to do is zoom on a specific place where it’s the place I’m going to kick. In this case, it’s a male’s crotch. (lol)

&zoom on 505 56 to 320% in 0

Once this is done, now it’s time to rotate and spot the overlay.

&overlay MARLEY KICK1 create
&overlay MARLEY KICK1 shifts to 0 0 in zone 2
&overlay MARLEY KICK1 scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay MARLEY KICK1 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay MARLEY KICK1 moves to layer 2

After this it’s easy, just simply move it back and forth.

@overlay MARLEY KICK1 shifts to 45 24 in zone 2 in 0.2 THEN overlay MARLEY KICK1 shifts to 0 0 in zone 2 in 0.1

And you’re done!

If you did everything correctly, it should look like this:


This was the basic kicking, now onto the hard one.

This is a little bit tricky one because you actually need to upload your character as an overlay as well as a separate leg.

The part you will cut and upload as an overlay

Also another one:

Now, it’s time for coding again.

My character overlay is EVA4 and my leg overlay is EVA4 LEG.

&overlay EVA4 create
&overlay EVA4 shifts to 30 102 in zone 2
&overlay EVA4 scales to 0.658 0.658
&overlay EVA4 opacity 1 in 0
&overlay EVA4 LEG create
&overlay EVA4 LEG shifts to 153 240 in zone 2
&overlay EVA4 LEG scales to 0.946 0.946
@overlay EVA4 LEG opacity 1 in 0
@remove EVA

I removed the character because I had her as an overlay, I scaled and spotted the overlays so they don’t look like they are separated.

Now. it’s just one long code, but I’ll simplify that.

@overlay EVA4 LEG shifts to 135 288 in zone 2 in 0.5 AND overlay EVA4 LEG rotates 90 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0.5 THEN overlay EVA4 LEG shifts to 150 282 in zone 2 in 0.5 THEN overlay EVA4 LEG shifts to 135 288 in zone 2 in 0.1 THEN NURSE is idle_wounded

I shift the leg as I rotate it, then I do the same one in basic kick, move it forth then move it back. And that’s it!

Here’s how it’d look:

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