Making Characters Move Faster?

Hi, I’m currently writing my own story about vampires, so I need my characters to be speedy. Could anyone tell me how to make my characters move very quickly, or almost teleport?


Hi @Megan15! So, you want to make your characters move faster, eh? Well, I’ll try to help you on that. First, you must know what spot your character is on. If your character is on screen left, upscreen left, screen center, upscreen right, or screen right, you’re going to have to change that.

Screen left: Your character is on spot 1.280 50 0
Upscreen left: Your character is on spot 1.280 100 0
Screen center: Your character is on 1.280 160 0
Upscreen right: Your character is on spot 1.280 200 0
Screen right: Your character is on spot 1.280 250 0

Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Moving on:
Once you write down your character is on a spot, time to write down the direction.
You write it as this: @YOURCHARACTER walks to spot (size) (number) (number) in (seconds)
The seconds are important! I’m guessing that since you want your character to move fast, that you want to write down that your character will move in 0.5 or 1 second.

I hope this helps!


I understand, thankyou so so much, this really helped!

Update: It worked! Thankyou for saving my butt.

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Of course! Anything for people in need! :joy:

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