Making Choices Error

I followed the guide on how to do choices, but for one of the choices, it came up with an error message that said…

"Expected CHARACTER or scene change. Found “Beat around the bush.”{ (One of the choices.) " Did you forget to capitalize the name, or close the ( ) around the animation?

I did the previous choice, correctly. Pretty sure.

This is my last choice and note, this is my second choice.

“Beat around the bush”{

…Is the line that comes up with an error message, help?

Do you have a character without the dialogue? Or maybe a background with nothing after it?

It would be easier if you could post your script or take a screenshot :grin:

Oh, I apologize but I solved it! I’m really sorry, I forgot to space it out, which is really dumb of me. I’m really sorry!

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It’s ok! :smile: glad it got resolved!

Thank you! I apologize for wasting your time.