Making choices for more than one MC, opinions?

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I’m working on an Episode story at this time, and the current plan is to have the story revolve around three characters. However, I’m wondering how you would feel --or if you’ve seen any stories do this, or you’ve tried it yourself as a writer- about making choices for things happening to the three MCs. Or would you rather focus on just one of the MCs?

If my question isn’t clear, I’m happy to clarify.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


I’m personally fine with making choices for three mc’s, as long as it isn’t making choices for a subcharactar/insignificant extras

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Makes sense. :slight_smile: I suppose I was worried about overwhelming the player with choices, but that doesn’t have to be the case if things are planned carefully.


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It depends on what you are looking for. If you want to have a good plot focusing on one main character I’d suggest working on just one of them.

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I like stories like that. :heart: But, it’d be nice to know exactly who the main main character is. I like putting choices for other characters as well. To me it’s best in my opinion to have 1 main character whilst still having choices for other characters or focusing on other characters too like the story Seven Roses by Chloe X. But this is your story so obviously do what you want. <3

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The story is about three friends. There will be one main/starting POV and it may shift to any of the other two characters at some points. Or I could make each episode locked to one of the three friends’ POV for its entirety, more or less how it’s done in the Three Dark Crowns trilogy and A Song of Ice and Fire saga. I know many stories do this and handle it well.

My question is more about how you would feel making choices for the other two when the POV changes to them. Would you feel confused, overwhelmed?

The story would take its time to develop each of the characters, and naturally, the relationships among them, which is the focus of the story. But I was thinking of having the player participate in that development as well, even if it’s limited to a few choices.

However, I’ve been reading episode stories recently that tend to shift POV between the male and female leads, giving choices for both. Two characters. I guess my doubt is in, “Would three be too much?” Then, I suppose it depends. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks! :blush: I appreciate all the feedback. It looks like it’s up to how I want to develop the plot.

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You could try that and would you like to check out my new zodiac superhero story idea? If so, type in the search and then tell me what you think about it. :smile::blush:

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Will do! :heart:

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That’s such a great idea! You should do that :heartpulse:

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