Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

:joy::joy::joy: you’re not stupid, everybody forgets stuff.

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I think you’re very smart , helpful , funny , and playful crazy lol

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I made a thread so you have to say if you requested a request for i can remeber

What? I don’t understand.

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Never mind just ask @ChayChay

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What do you need @AmyBainbridge??


I’ll DM u :slight_smile:

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Sounds good to me

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Hello. I would like to request two splashes please, as you edit’s are amazing!

One for ‘strong language & mature themes’ & the other for ‘sound & music.’

On my ‘strong language & mature themes’ splash, I would like my male character hugging my female character with a gun in his hand, pointing it out behind her into the distance. I would like the splash to say:
‘This story contain’s strong language and mature themes.’
I would like a gang area/hideout in the backround, with possible graffiti on the wall’s. I also want it to be night.

On my ‘sound and music’ splash, I would like my two character’s to point gun’s directly at the screen, with the male character’s arm’s around the female’s waist. I would like the splash to say:
‘This story contain’s music and sound. For the best experience, please turn up your volume!’
I would also like a gang area/hideout backround at night for this splash too (it can be the same as the last one, or totally different. It is up to you)

Here are my 2 character description’s & outfit’s (they are both ink) :

Hair: straight (chestnut)
Face: oval.
Eyebrow’s: seductive arch.
Eyes: upturned feline (white)
Nose: soft natural.
Mouth: classic (sable)
Body: ink female (light)
Clothes: high waisted jeans new, black dressy crop top, black ridged moto jacket & skater girl black sneakers.

Hair: short cropped hair (black)
Face: chiseled square.
Eyebrow’s: thin arch.
Eyes: classic round (purple)
Nose: button.
Mouth: small round (taupe)
Body: ink male (light)
Clothes: ripped punk pants, shirt (black), ear piece with mic, lady rose tatoo (cade) & black hipster high top sneakers.

In the edit’s, can both my character’s have tatoo’s & piercing’s (you can decide where) & can my male character have a slit in one of his eyebrow’s.

I hope this is all okay. If there are any problem’s, please message me. Thank you so much :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much should be ready soon

I can;t do that but i know who can

Ask @Jayla12

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hey can u make me splashes

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@Dangrousdiva has been suspended.

There are many other request threads, out there, I suggest finding another one.

Chris is that you?

Their request has already been done…

@phedra1234 covers are completed by EpisodeStudio

what is a splash

Like this story uses sound mature Themes… like these

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