Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

Yes wanna see my latest???

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Not gonna lie that’s hella cool

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Thanks it was my first drawn one…

How long did it take you to do it???

All day…

Well about 5 hours I believe…

dang I couldn’t do it…even if I had the time

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I have patience some times… lol

Hello i was wondering if u can make me a Cover

I can

send the detials here

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whats the title and author name

Broken Faith Author is Gianni Writes

You aren’t the Owner of the thread!

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Hi! I need help with writing my pilot. I want it to be a great introduction of the characters and maybe hopefully put down a problem. But I also do not want to make this story short I am trying to am for at least 25-30 chapters. Also I would love for you to create my cover art for my story. It’s called “Scrap”.

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Can you make me a splash that says turn up the volume


Can you please make me a background that says this story uses sound in a cute font with any cute yet simple background you would like also I hope it is not to much to ask but can you also make me a background that says this WARNING: story contains mature themes and strong language with a eye catching background and font. thank you :grinning: it really can be any thing you want to do