Making Covers again πŸ’“

Hey guys I’m back making covers so if you would like a cover request here

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Do you have examples?

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My examples are on my old phone sorry

I broke my phone and got a new one and I don’t have them

i am writing a new story with my friend so can create a cover

I need a cover can you make me a large and small cover?

Ok details

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Here are her examples
e5a909bef12f0390b36a8a26bef0ccf304683997_1_281x499 397b6995a8bc8bd4ab2bee6f6c0732db8ba51577_1_502x500 f0cd341e9f4261c5d4ff7f947544a9b5a9d05829_1_500x500 8d84b99b5bd221cbc23392c0628424e2f79183cf_1_308x500 1a0aff34cee84651d1e3c861ac4fc598f4f9f71c_1_690x427 4f8f2e858fd1fb8f14cdb8cf80ba9a357404af5d_1_500x500 40d44fa1b8814bfc9317c5a8a5250919cb75b934_1_690x388 97dcb29dc084ed7ea21fdedbb674c78e8ed538df_1_690x427

Thanks how did you get them

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