Making covers and splash ( 1 - 300 minutes)


hello I make covers and splash I don’t have any examples right now but I have some soon


Can you please make me a cover?


sure send the deatils


I have a example heres one I just made


A girl I want
Eyes:upturned bold
Eyebrows:smoothed arch
Lips:blossom lips color:a dark red
Outfit:ripped leather look
And a boy:
Face:defined triangle
Eyes:light blue and static almond
Outfit:India punk
Hair:modern Pompadour
Lips: full tampered and his lips can be the color of his skin
Eyebrows:thin arch
And I want them to be hurting guns with their backs together




Also the outfit theres no outfit name idia punk and the story title and author name


Holding guns* and quick question I’m using episode on my mobile phone will that still work or will I have to use episode Interactive?


No I just need the outfit and story title and author name


hi epy. raven I was wondering if cece needed splashes


Well he can wear he casual green outfit




great what kinds dpes she need


Story title: Ride Along and background: juvie train tracks-night and author name is Chereiah30


do you need any splashes


What’s that if you don’t mind me asking?:sob:


but I want to them all by myslef


you are doing the cover


Ooo that’s so cute😍


Where is what’s a splash is