Making Covers and Splashes! (OPEN)

I’m making covers and splashes for free! All you need to do to request one is follow these instructions:

Here are some of my examples including ones I’ve made for other people:

Thanks for checking me out! Feel free to request!


Mm, they look good.


Hey! i don’t want characters in splashes i just want 3 splashes.

  1. this story contains mature themes and strong language
  2. this story uses sound, turn up your volume for better experience
  3. ‘‘GROMMASTER’’ (the name of my story)
    You can do anything you want just one thing my story’s dramatic and traumatic so add some caution tapes, bullet holes and many more. Also please make these in dark colours. Thank you.
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Okay! Your splashes will be ready soon!

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Will it be ready soon?

I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. My parents took away all my devices so I can study.

I understand if you found someone else to do the splashes for you, but if you still need them, here they are.

Let me know if you want any changes or want me to resize something.

This is perfectt but i cant upload them cuz it has to be 640x1136

can i have 1 please

Can you make me a splash please ?
for the background color
-green and black
-old english font
and for my cover big bold old english font on the title
(the title is “I know.” just like that) with just a black background please ?
and can i have my characters like this please ?