Making Edits For Free

Hello! If you want an edit, feel free to request one, I make them free of charge, you can see some of my examples on Instagram (epy_sophie). You can request more than one, I make covers, splashes, edits, and profile pictures. If you request one, it may take 1 - 24 hours depending on what you want me to do and how complex it is.

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Lol Can I request 2 edits?

Can I have the boy put his arms over the girl?
Like hugging if its not too hard

This is the background:

No. 2

With this looks on her face

The other character:

THis background:

I want a splash The MC is standing in the middle holding a gun and has a tear and it says “Be Careful” on the top and under it “This Story Contains Mature Themes” but can you try not make it on the charcter like I want the Character to be clear and nothing on top of it or covering it and here are the MC details

I’m going to finish them by tomorrow morning,(in my timezone) after 21 hours.

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Okies sure

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Just a quick question, what animation would you like her to have?

I dont have a specific animation but maybe sth like she is holding a gun and she looks afraid and sad at the same time lol oh and the background maybe sth dark or creepy

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Okay, I get your point.

For the one with the gun, there’s no gun in her hand.

After I was done I realized the characters were small, do you want them to be large?

Guys, I can’t make the edits, they will be ready by next week, I have things to do first.

Can you please photoshop this character to this background

Thank you!

And can the girl have this look on her face?

@Jeremy, please close this thread, thanks.

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink:

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