Making edits (ink+LL)

This is not Liyah. This is her bestie (Tiny.epi on insta :wink: ). I took her phone because I’m to lazy to make my own account but I’m making character edits for any one who wants it. Just answer these questions please~ (and yes, shes letting me do this.)

ink or ll?
how many characters? (Up to 4)
character details?
please do not put anything else. Your not requesting just getting a random edit based of those questions :space_invader:

And that’s it :hugs:

My examples

sorry if you didnt want to be tagged.
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Gorgeous! :star_struck::star_struck::heartpulse:

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Thank you! This is my first time making custom poses so :joy:


Shit, that’s amazing.

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The third one is so cute🤍

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Omg, these are so adorable! :yay: :heart_eyes:

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Woah wtf these are soo good :revolving_hearts: good jobb

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I’m not doing covers just making random edits of characters based off of your theme. May i have the characters details please. : p

Thank you @BlueMoonWolf @BlooperBop @Coco7 @EdwardNortonit means a lot :grinning:


The character details?

  • Him:
    Skin:Rose 02
    Brow: Round Thin / Dirty Blond
    Hair: Medium Side Curls / Dirty Blond
    Eyes: Hooded Almond / Blue Aqua
    Face: Chiseled Angular
    Nose: Grecian Narrow
    Lips: Medium Heart / Pink Peach Lt Gloss

  • Her:
    Skin: Rose 00
    Brow: Arched Natural Scar / Black Dark
    Hair: Long Side Shave / Blue Black
    Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide / Grey Cool
    Face: Triangle Defined
    Nose: Round Broad
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty / Black Gloss

-Hi :wave:t2:
-It’s LL
-They are 2 characters
-A male and the other female
The male is holding the female in his arms
_ Romance

The male :-

  1. Skin color:- neutral 2
  2. Eyebrows shape :- straight medium
  3. Eyebrow color:- chestnut brown
  4. Hair style :- medium side curls
  5. Hair color :- medium brown
  6. Eye shape :- deepest downturned
  7. Eye color :- blue green
  8. Face shape:-Male generic
  9. Nose shape:- straight pointed
  10. Lip shape :- medium straight natural
  11. Lip color :- beige gold matte
  12. Body shape :- Male athletic shape

The female :-

  1. Body shape :- Female athletic body
  2. Skin color:- neutral 2
  3. Eyebrows shape:- arched natural
  4. Eyebrows color :- dark brown
  5. Hair style :- long down wavy princess braids
  6. Hair color :- burgundy red
  7. Eye shape:- deepest downturned
  8. Eye color :- blue 6
  9. Face shape:- diamond
  10. Nose shape:- defined natural
  11. Lip shape:- small heart
  12. Lip color :- deep red matte

Here is the outfits!

Here is the outfit


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I may or may not use those outfits, but what is your theme ? :kissing:

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yah, it’s ok

@tia_episode_writer so i couldn’t do it by myself, so i just got Liyah to help me with it. :clown_face::clown_face:. This was our first LL edit so~~

credit both of us by "@Tiny_epi and @Analiyah_Writes_ if you use it any where please."

And i used Episode_Amanda’s EA for this and i could not find the hair you provided so Liyah just improvised.

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awwww, thank u so much :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :wilted_flower: :wilted_flower:

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By the way, this hairstyle looks way better :heart_eyes:

They are amazing :heart:

hey! here are my details:
2 (female + male)
brows:seductive arch
hair:beach waves, black
eyes:upturned feline, white
lips:full round, toffee
brows:medium sharp
hair:cropped, black
eyes:stoic almond, green
face:defined triangle
theme: kinda like your last example
let me know if you can make one more edit for me!

ink or ll? LL
how many characters? (Up to 4) 1
character details?

theme? Tokyo/Tech