Making free cover art!

Hi! I’m currently uninspired to write my story, so why not do some cover art? If so, look at the examples below!

examples for covers



If you still want a cover art after seeing those, keep reading!


  1. Please use it if you ask for it, if you don’t like it it’s fine and can ask me to remake it, or just honestly tell me you don’t want to use it , no hard feelings!
  2. Please give credit! You can do that by doing a readermessage and crediting me by shouting out my username on ig, or giving dialogue at the end of 3 beginning episodes for credit!

(copy and paste this, and fill it !)
Title of story:
Author name:
Picture of characters in preferred clothes for cover:
Animation and background:
Large/small or both cover:
Extra info:

Thank you! I will possibly finish it in 30-60 minutes (2 hours max)
I will heart your message if I saw it, but if I haven’t , it either means i’m busy or I’m sleeping!
I’ll either post the cover here or PM you it <3


Hi, epysky!

Your cover art example looks verrrry good!:+1:

Do you think you could help me with this request?

*Cover art:
I need a large cover
Story Title: The Night Hawk
Author Name: Jill Popsicle
Animations: anything, but the story isn’t a comedy, it’s drama romance action.
Background: The background should be something neutral, better something homogenious like one-colour background with some light or maybe a night megapolis or a night sky

Details: There should be a girl standing (we see only till her waist) and two guys behind (also we see only their upper half). The background should be anything, better something homogenious like one-colour background with some light or maybe a night megapolis. And on the upper part of the cover we see eyes behind the mask (Crow Masquerade Mask as in the attached image).

Hope, it’s not too much.
Thank you!

Hi I really need a Cover Once you get this please answer

Can the Boy be in the back and can the girl be in the front with a tear coming down her eye

And can This be a backgroung also I need it as a small Cover Thank You so Much