Making free covers <3

Hey guys I’m making Covers for people in my spare time feel free request from me :see_no_evil:




• I have the right to decline if I feel it’s to hard and other reason <3

Thank you for requesting and reading xx


love the first cover!

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Thank you xx

Um, this might sound like a dumb question, but I like the first cover.

I already has 2 covers, but could I use ur cover and use it in my book?

It’s ok if I can’t, I just wanna ask b4 I use it for the wrong thing!


I would but I’m confused is the story gonna be the same because it’s my actual story I’m writing


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No it’s not a stupid question 🤦

No question is stupid

No! I would request something different!

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You wanna use it in your story or as a cover?

Ohh 🤦 sorry

So you would like to request something similar

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No, not EXACTLY similar, but i would like something edited.

Oki can you give me details and info on what you want to see if I’m able to do it xxx :see_no_evil::pray:

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do u want me to pm u so we dont spam the thread, or just stay on here?

Yeah go for it

Hey there! I have been looking for someone to make me a limelight cover for months!!! Is anyone able to? If so please dm me on insta @jaeden_epy

hello im new and my name is amelia and i need a cover

Uh sorry no i will have to decline you said I need it’s very rude :pleading_face:

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God. Is it really that hard to say please nowadays? :unamused:

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Not requesting but your examples are smexy bby. :sneezing_face::two_hearts:

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Thank you sm :two_hearts:

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