Making free covers


Free covers for everyone make sure to tell me the details!


Can I have examples?


Sorry I’m not the best




wow! I love it! Gj.


Omg! Thanks so much


wannna join a art group


It’s okay


Quick reminder :
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Btw those look good!


Ok…I know I forgot too…but thx



Do you like the one I sent u


i’d like one that say seven vampires seven worries




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and it would have two people on it
on named zayn a male and the other roxy a female
zayn on the left roxy on the right and roxy winks and zayn flirty.its ink tho not lime light. also have roxy wear a black leather jacket headphones black glasses and black shoes.zayn would wear a leather jacket black headphones and glasses too


Ok I have more examples would u like to see them




yes i would love to see them