Making free female ink pfp's again

I’m doing this again, the title say’s it all. I’m only doing 5 depending on how much I like your character :kissing_closed_eyes: I have the right to decline, and if you don’t credit me while using my work. I will You don’t wanna know

Examples (not that good)

I don’t have alot of examples since I merged them all into one.
Waiting list
~2 @TheParisLover
~3 @Olivia_Yeah


Can you please make one for me, your art is outstanding :heart_eyes:

Sure babes! Lemme see your character!

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:sweat: babes it’s ink only, sorry

You can give me an ink character and I will still do it😚

Sounds good, I will go do one now :revolving_hearts:


Here you are:

Tysm!! :heart:
I love ur art btw :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thx babes! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Here’s your request @Portiaoffside

Kinda crappy..


You can add your background to it, and If you use it on the forums, pls credit by @Zagical but if used anywhere else, please use @ analiyah_writes_

“Not that good” WHATEVER! Those are freaking amazing!

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@TheParisLover is this good for your character?

Uploading: Screenshot_20191108-192524.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20191108-192527.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20191108-192448.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20191108-192506.png…

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Omg thx babes :sneezing_face:

Do you want one?

Sorry but I can’t load it…? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oh! One sec .

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