Making free pfps 😁

I’m bored and tend to have nothing to do :confused: so, I decided that I’ll work on my art ‘skills’ by making pfp’s.

I would prefer it if you could request in the link below so it is easier for me to find but you can also reply to this. You can also find the waiting list in there.

I can do LL or INK and I simply just draw over the character with block colours. If you want things like custom poses then I might be able to do it depending on what it is but it also might not come out so good.

They are normally quite quick to do and I can also edit in a background or add an object.




If you would like to request one then please use this for your form:

(if you are not going to use a screenshot then make sure to add their details, outfit and pose. If you are going to use a screenshot, then please make sure it has the right character, outfit and pose for it.)

Instagram(So I can tag you):

Can I add my watermark? If not then just credit me in your bio or something

Character details (preferbly screenshots):

Full body, Shoulders Up or Waist Up?

Background and how you want it to be (blurred, etc.):

Any objects:


Please remember to credit me through my instagram! (

Waiting List:

  1. . @EdwardNorton

Background: urban setting
Pose: anything tbh
Outfit: anything too
Thanks soo much

I’ll get right to it!

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Character details (preferably screenshots):



What he’s wearing

Any objects

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The whole background probably can’t be seen unless I squash it down of make your character bigger. Would you like me to do that or should I crop it for the character?

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Crop it for the character.

Hi! It is almost done :smile:

Can you please describe the background in more detail or send a picture? I don’t want to pick something that isn’t something you want

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Anything a is fine lol

Lol, it’s just when i search it up multiple things come up - walls, cities -I don’t know what to pick :woman_shrugging:

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Ok maybe some smoke art any color

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Hi! Here is your finished pfp - sorry it’s bad, I’ve just started drawing :confused:


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It’s great!

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Hi, I have started on your request - do you want your character to be full body, shoulders or waist up??

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Waist Up

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Here it is, I hope you like it :slightly_smiling_face:


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I love it! Thank you!

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No problem :grinning:

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