Making Fun of Cliches Contest Winners!


Hey guys! @K_Artist2001 and @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE here!! Thank you to everyone who made the contest possible, judges, the people who voted and ofc the people who entered their stories into the contest. And now ladies and gentlemen…the top three winners of the contest!

In third place with a score of 44.5/50, give it’s up for…
Challenge Accepted by @Annieways!!!
In Second place with a score of 45/50, let’s hear it for…
Pregnant by My Twins Students Gang Leader Dad by @J.Miley!!
And finally our first place winner with a score of 47.5/50…
Pregnancy Curse by @Dr.Smile07!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!
Link to top 3 winners will on the @forumcontest bio!!

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Emails have been sent! If you didn’t get one please contact us!


Thank you very much guys for taking the time to review our stories!
I shouldn’t have read this before I wanted to log off because now I have to read the review you sent and I will be late from my appointment :smiley:

Congrats to @J.Miley and @Dr.Smile07!


Np! And hopefully you won’t be late lol


Congratulations! :grin::tada::champagne:


I also hold a huge thank you to @Alex_Af! If it wasn’t for you and the movement to try to make contests fair for less popular writers, we would of never had this idea!


Yep. Thanks Alex, we love you. We wouldn’t have had this idea if it weren’t for you!! You rock!



@K_Artist2001, @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE

Awwww, thank you so much! I am so happy it all worked out!



The Pregnancy Curse is such an awesome story.


Wow, I can’t believe this! Thank you for this amazing contest and congrats to @J.Miley and @Annieways!


Thank you!


Thanks! Congrats to you too!




Thanks, girl!


Congratulations everyone!


@Booklady1017 we are hosting another if you wanna vote


Thank you very much!
Thank you to @Dr.Smile07 and @Annieways