Making glass spring

I want to do a scene were in the middle of the night a paper hanging on a rock is going to throw in in a frame of a window. to a chamber. Ho, do I start with that? I need my bedroom so ho can I give the illusion that the window is broken our can someone make me on my background a broken window with a big hole in it.

And i don’t know ho to make a scene like thet.


You would need to spot direct the rock overlay so it goes behind the broken window frame. So the rock would need to be at layer 1 and the window frame at layer 2 :blush:

that is completely Chinese for me…

Does someone have a rock overlay and a broken window overlay???

Lol you’ll get used to it pretty quickly, just type in rock png & broken window png into google x

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Done that i need to upload them but then???

What do you mean?

What sort of script maybe someone has already used that an can pass me the script. And i change my names.

Since nobody i know of has needed this script template you would need to code it yourself, of course i’d help you! You just need to try and figure out the basic outline using the guides. :revolving_hearts:

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i would like your offer thank you xxx

Is there any Chance you can Make this?

What do you mean?

Can U make the thing I asked for above?

Make the background?

The Overlay and the Background, sorry

The person who made the background has corresponding overlays i think.

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Oh okay

i hope you did not do that for me because i already have everything…

No I was just asking who made it

I Have them all for you they are from Joseph Evans.

Here you are xxx

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Thank U sm