Making glass spring


No worries if i can help someone i do it. xxx It is two winter and two summer.


They are by @shellyg I think. She used to be called something different and uploaded a huge bunch of stuff on Episodelife which is by Joseph Evans. Please give appropriate credit :slight_smile:


I don’t know that it is Joseph Evans site, she could have watermarked them, we can’t know everything x


I wasn’t trying to be hateful lol. where did you get them from?


The site of Joseph evans. x


You just contradicted yourself. On his website it says underneath who they belong too :slight_smile:


That I didn’ remark I just knew she wanted them I download them and I cave them the here that’s all.
Iff i make something, i put my watermark on it then there is no discussion and i have no troubels with sharing x


Ok. I was just making sure she gave appropriate credit. No shade. I think you took it the wrong way because It wasn’t a dig at you Xx