Making INK covers! FIRST 3 PEOPLE ONLY

Hi ok so I’m gonna waste my time but I’m only gonna make like 3 so yeap

  1. You need to be SURE you will continue this story because if I’m just going to put a lot of effort on something that will just be thrown away, then you can get your cover done by someone else.
  2. You need to credit me in your story at least TWICE because I’m extra.
  3. You need to keep your cover for at least one month before using someone else’s
  4. I’m only going to draw 1-2 people because 3 or more is so much hassle and stress for me, it makes the other characters look terrible.

IN LIST FORM, put the following-


  1. Story name
  2. Author
  3. 1 or 2 characters
  4. Character details of each
  5. Story summary
  6. Background (or if you want me to take care of it)


  1. Font (or I’ll handle it.)

Credits: CREDITS TO @canvas_creativity on Instagram for the cover!

Sample of my work…

pls don’t mind the shorts lmao I skipped that cuz it wont be seen on insta HAHAH


I’m not requesting anything but this is so pretty!


Thank you sm <3


Hey @zariepisode. I would like you to make a cover for my story if that’s okay with you. There is about 4 stories I am writing (I’ve only published 2) and one of them is a spinoff of the other. Also your work is really good. I want to give you an option so you can choose which one you would like to make a cover for.

  1. Unfit For Royalty
    Genre: Comedy
    Description: 18 Years after being left at a train station, Lilac is sent back to her hometown for a crazy reason with twists and turns along the way.

  2. No More Shell
    Genre: Drama
    Description: This is a true story about my life with Selective Mutism. Follow my story and do things I wish I had done. Will Bella finally conquer her fears? Or will she suffer in silence?

  3. Go Fish (No More Shell Spinoff)
    Genre: Comedy
    Description: Join the Go Fish group in the No More Shell Spinoff! Follow the true story of a 9 year old Bella in one of her best years yet! And discover how she became the cheese queen.

  4. The Awkwardly Mysterious Life of Skyler Derkby.
    Genre: Mystery
    Description: Skyler Derkby faked her death to become a spy and now 3 years later she is writing a book about her life, and why she did that. Follow the journey that will take you through stages of time and mystery.

Hope you like how some of them sound. And you don’t have to make a decision if you don’t want to.

I really like the 4th one but I think I read somewhere that its an LL story. I’m only good at ink haha. If it isn’t LL though, I can do that one or if it is, I’ll do the first one :slight_smile:

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Okay. Well, It’s okay with me if there’s an ink cover for my LL story.

So you’re cool if I make an ink for your LL stories? Great! Are they all LL?

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Yeah I guess they are all LL… I am planning on writing an ink story but I have 3 other stories to work on so I might not start another one right now.
P.S. I said 3 because Unfit For Royalty is finished.

Okay… So I’ll just do the fourth one, no prob!
Please give the details needed :slight_smile:

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This is a really detailed one of what I would like. Also, do you do drawings because I would prefer it to be a drawing but if isn’t then that’s totally okay. Here is the cover in detail:
So, on the left of the cover there will be a grey wall covering maybe a quarter of the page. Skyler will be leaning against the wall looking like she is spying on someone. You can make an outfit for her if you want to, maybe something a spy would wear. Then maybe on the right there could be a car and she could be in a parking lot? Maybe something like that but you can add your own ideas to it too.

these too. Or if you like, you could send me a picture of thelimelight character and I’ll be the one to make and ink version

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Okay. Well I could send you an LL version of a few of my characters.

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Is she the only person you want to be in the cover? Please note that I can only do 1-2 :slight_smile:


I would love one


hope its not to much stress

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Please read my rules and instructions above.



Spy Skyler:

So, there is something wrong with episode interactive so I can only take screenshots of the characters I have saved but I can send you a description of what the characters look like:

o Light brown short hair (well, in between medium and short)
o Lighter Skin
o Green Eyes
o Blue Jeans
o Red Checkered Shirt

o Black hair (changes to purple in future) long wavy
o Darker Skin
o Yellow Crop Top
o Purple Skirt
o Brown eyes

o Blonde hair, long and straight
o Lighter Skin
o Blue Eyes
o White Dress

Margie (kind of evil character):
o Dark Brown hair
o Medium Skin
o Dark Brown eyes
o Black dress

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dont worry i have

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I credit you twice thats what im keeping in my brain

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Oops. Sorry I didn’t notice that comment…

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