Making Ink + Ll pfps for free

Hello everyone.
I’ve come to create this thread because I havent edited on epiosde in a while so I decided to make this so I can practice .
No I don’t have any examples as of now so its all a matter of trusting I’m a a great editor and artist~
[How to request ]
Fill in this form~

-Character details
-Character personality
-any extra addons for character
-possible background

I will not use specific clothing nor will I do a specific pose. Its all down to you trusting the process~

If no one asks then, oh well. :cold_face:



Best of luck with it <3

If you start doing LL feel free to tag me

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Gotcha :man_dancing:

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I think @heather_epi might be interested

And best of luck :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks for the tag beta ji

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I’ll join it but rn it’s 4 am so u will have to wait​:hole::man_with_probing_cane:


Hey! I would like to have a pfp :blush:


Personality- Introvert, Enjoy travelling and i love soft pastel colours and dark academia aesthetic (ik its weird but i love both lol :joy:)
Theme- Something related to travelling maybe idk …U can choose anything
Extra addons- It would be awesome if u can chabge the outfit of my character card to anything that fits the theme
Background- u can choose depending upon the pose and theme u do :grin:

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These are my details…My character is LL

There doing only ink, I think. :blob_hearts:

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Idk…I saw the title :sweat_smile:

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