Making limelight out of an INK story I created?

Hey, I was just wondering if making one of my INK stories, making a second one into Limelight. is a good idea? I was thinking about it because I know people prefer different styles (I myself don’t really like limelight, but I know other people enjoy that style better) Or does that just make it look like I’m trying to have some kind of double profit?

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I really don’t know what to tell ya.
I think that you should write in style you love and prefer, not the style other people like.

there are many people who still love INK including me.

I’m sorry (Need to correct my title) I was asking if I should publish my story in INK and LIMELIGHT.

ohh, well that is totally fine, you can write in any styles you like!
I was thinking about publishing one INK and one LL story.

Yeah, I just like messing around with limelight. It’s pretty fun.

Lol, I like it just because it has a loot of nice clothes and I like their features, the only thing I don’t like is the animation.

Me too, I wish there was some way to mix the clothing styles.

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I think you should. Do it in limelight. There are a few who perfer limelight then ink. Only thing that limelight is a little harder since i notice every thing is almost in loop. So you have to constantly put idle /action so they dont look like there still talking. I did a story in ink and decided to do it in Limelight also funny thing my limelight story was a bigger hit then ink even though the story is the same. Good luck