Making my First Story, Looking for coding/writing helper


I am currently making a story that will have a lot of choices and branching paths. I am looking for someone who could help give advice on some of the coding and look over things and the story to make sure they work.

I have looked at the coding already and I understand it very well, but there are occasionally a few things I am confused about. I do know C++ coding very well and so far this seems very similar.

I would be looking for someone who can help with coding and the story. We would use Discord or Twitter to talk. The story will be fantasy and romance, and will also have some mature content, so someone who is over 18 would be best.

Thanks! You can reply here, or contact me on Twitter: @crybloodwing if you are interested. I am also open to multiple people if someone just wants to help with coding or only the story.

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Hi, im not very good at coding but i could be a co-writer if interested plz write back

Hello, I’m not very interested in being a co-writer, but the way I helped myself learned to code was from youtube so consider looking into that if you would like to advance on coding.

Hi! I am not very good at coding but I am interested in being a co-writer
If interested plzz write back

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