Making my pilot episode longer! ADVICE PLEASE!

Hi all! I’m super new to forums but I’ve started a new story and I’m very serious about getting it published. I have a cover, made a video trailer for my instagram, and have already started on multiple episodes.

I’ve gone back and forth with the characters and originally was going to have my MC be played as YOU. (IE: not build her character too much)- but as my story grew so did my love for the characters so I’ve changed that. I’ve named my MC (but you have the option to change her looks if you wish, because I know that is important to readers.)

I have finished the pilot episode to the best of my ability. I started it out creatively and ended on enough of a cliff hanger that I think would entice the readers to continue reading but I’m afraid the middle isn’t as long as it should be. It’s only a 5 minute read (barley) with not many “choices”.

I’m scared to draw things out, over explain, and so on- and I definitely don’t want to add anything to the end due to my cliffhanger. Any advice would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


I would add choices on how to react to certain situations. Give the reader the choice to be happy, angry or sad. It’ll make your story a bit longer. I would also add random dialogue here and there. Hope this helps!

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