Making New Friends


Why hello there, I have recently joined the Episode community and I kinda have literally no friends. So if there is anyone out there who is over the age of 14, drop your Instagram below👀
My Instagram: meganepi

pls don’t leave me alone I promise I’m nice n kinda funny


Hi i don’t have a Insta but I have a Snapchat oh btw would u like to join my and my friend’s story called Good Girl Gone Wild


I’m 14.


I’m 30🙈


I am in an instagram group chat for episodians. Want To join?


Hey, I’m Vivainah and here’s my Insta@vivainah
I would love to be friends with you
Btw I’m 16 :sunglasses:


Hello I’m 16 and you’re sounded kinda cute :blush:. I’m an Asian babe and my instagram is @giengnotfound
I’d love to make new friends bcuz I literally have no friends in here too :joy:

Edit: just updated my epi instagram if you don’t want to follow personal instagram: @gienginepi


I’m 17 years old, you can follow me on IG: @daddyissues.episode


Hello! :heartpulse:
I’ll follow you now.


I would love to :smile:


Hello! I’m 16 in a couple of weeks :smile:
I’ll follow you now.


Hi! Thankyou also. I’ll follow you now :sparkling_heart:


Followed! :heartbeat:


Your story sounds lovely but I’m too pre-occupied writing my own story right now, but thankyou for the offer!


Almost 16 :slight_smile:


My ig is @feck.bx.


Followed! :smile:


Hey, I’m kind of a weirdo but I need friends so here is my insta if you wanna chat @gg_writer :upside_down_face: :two_hearts:


Woo, of course!!


If you need a crazy girl as a freind mg instagram account is @saasha_episode.