Making new outfits for characters

Whenever I try to make a new outfit for a character it comes up with limelight clothes and the first episode people clothes but not ink clothes. Also when i press clothing I press characters to see it on my characters and it says I have none?

To fix this problem I simply just copied all my dialogue from the story I was writing and made a new story and pasted it.
Hope it helps xx

I believe that there is an ink option you can click on to see the ink clothing. It should be right above the clothes.

Are you making a story with all styles in it?

If so: here is a fix:

Hi everyone.
If you have trouble accessing the different clothing versions with this trick (for instance you only get to choose LL) just create a new character with the name you want for your clothing attire in the version you want, make the outfit, then delete the character. The clothes should remain, (having the right name)


No just the ink style

There is only sort by: , female, male, filter by clothing types and filter by color.

Nope. Nothing.