Making outfits!

Heyy, since I’m bored I decided to make outfits just for fun!

Give me a theme or a situation and I’ll make an outfit for it :wink:

Do you have anything created for a big couples night out? I’m really struggling on coming up with good outfits for the ‘bad boy’ type :thinking:

You want outfits for both the guy and the girl? And is the place fancy?

Yes please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I wouldn’t say it’s like ballroom fancy, but it’s also not your backwoods bar :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t know if you wanted them to match, but I made them matching clothes. If you use this on your story, the matching outfits could be accidental, which may add some tension to it! :wink:

Hi! Congrats on starting this shop and all the best! Your outfits seem amazing! :heart:

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Heyy I was wondering if you could make 8 matching outfits (4 for jade and 4 for gaia)



If it’s too much please just do however many you are comfortable with