HI, I’m bored and decided to make some outlines for y’all. So feel free to request away. I won’t be making any complex type of outlines and only one character outlines. If u want more than one person feel free to request again once I’m done with you first request.

Here are some rules:
•You must give credit whenever and wherever you’re using it whether it be on insta, forums or whateva and mention me @bhxddiewrites on insta if u post it there or @dhayanaa on forums if posting here.

•Don’t remove my watermark-

•Don’t be rude to me or anything or else I’m not doing it.

•If I’m busy don’t be cluttering up my messages asking when it’s done these can take 1-3 days :woman_shrugging:t2:

•You can Request as many times as you want but if u want more than 1 character outline you can request it SEPARATELY once I finish your previous/current request.


Waiting list:
@AverysTea (done)
@Cocoa_bean23 (done)
@LiyahxWrites (working on)


I would like an outline!

For the pose and background you can do whatever you want! :blush::blush:

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Do u think u could make an out line of a wolf for me? if so them plz can u tell me and ill tell u the details xx

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Alright ty I’ll get started on it right away. Waist up, bust or full body?

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Depends on what you want the wolf’s pose to be doing.

Waist up please, and thank you for making a outline for me!

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Ty :joy: and no problem

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to be howling behind the moon sitting down x

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:crazy_face: Can I get a outline:
Refrence if possible.

Character details:


Sorry to bother. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Btw love ur art. :joy:
Or any pose if the other one is to hard.


Oo, I want one. :yay:

The pose can be anything. Waist up. Please and thank you!


i do my characters in the same way XD xx

Hmm I don’t think so that’s a bit hard for me :thinking: sorry

Ty I’ll send it soon :crazy_face:

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okay nvm xx
btw ur art work is sooooo good keep it up x <3

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:joy: ty I’ll get started on this after I do the rest ty bb I love yours even more :kissing_closed_eyes:

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:joy: Thanks I guess. :two_hearts:

Fun fact I am such a slow freakin typer I always see things first sometimes but then I try to be accurate with my requests and then I am always last to it. Idk I seem to have a pattern with myself anyways thanks bb😂

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:joy: such a mood lmao

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Ty hun

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:crazy_face::ghost::skull: Yuppers!?! :grin:

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Can I have an outline?




Can the pose be talk_apathetic?


The outfit can be anything.

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