Making overlays?

As my title say, anyone know how to make overlays and also how convert a day background into a night one?

When converting day to night background I personally just add a layer on top of the picture. First a black layer then another very dark purple/blue layer for debt.

You can make ol from pictures, there are also many websites that has totally free png images you can use.


Actually I’m not aware of all this so can you explain better?

What part exactly was confusing

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Every part i don’t know anything about this from the app

You will have to get an app to do it

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Can you tell me the app?

Angels Art Shop you can request here :heart:

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You don’t need an app.

I use Pixlr which is a free pc software that opens in your browser.

Using the layer tool you make the background transparent by deleting the content then you fill the layer black and then repeat with a purple/dark blue and change the opacity.

This is good for beginners but doesn’t look that great in my opinion (Especially in backgrounds that have the day sky already)

What I do is I sometimes use this method along with cutting out all the sky parts and replacing them with an episode background that already has the night sky in it and you can stretch it to make it fit better.

Also using effects that change the brightness and contrast of the image can help as well!

I hope that makes sense because it took me a good 2 years to figure out how to edit backgrounds and make overlays look like they fit with the episode aesthetic so it does take time :smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask me or I recommend visiting the thread that @elena.epi recommended :heart:


I loved your idea and I’ll definitely check this :heart::heart:

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Np! :heart:

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