Making pfps for practicing! [OPEN]


Here’s the sketch, let me know if you want some changes!

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That’s beautiful, thank you!


Are you still accepting requests ?
If so, I would like to request.


I love it! It’s amazing! :heart:


Yes, just make sure to fill out the form correctly

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My request

Character details :-
Body shape :- female generic
Skin tone :- neutral 2
Hair colour :- medium brown
Hair style :- long wavy princess braid
Face shape :- heart soft
Eye shape :- deepset downturned
Eye colour :- black
Eyebrow shape :- arched natural
Eyebrow colour :- medium brown
Nose shape :- defined natural
Lip shape :- full heart pouty
Lip colour :- neutral medium nude gloss

Character image :-

Outfit :-

Extras :- Nothing.

Background :-

View :- Waist up

Similar pose reference :-

Mood :- happy


Make me a pfp please…




Very happy
Plz Make the pic magical and attractive :butterfly:
And so sorry for sending my details so late
I hope u r still accepting :crossed_fingers::heart:

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Sure, but I can’t tell how long you’ll have to wait.

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Still, could u give me some idea as how long I’ll have to wait?

Sorry, I can’t, the requests here have a minor urgency for me than other requests I have and I have some to finish first, then I gotta do the requests of the thread chronologically

No worries plz do make one I’ll use it for sure till then I’ll ask some other artist to make a temporary one…

That’d be fine by me, but I’m not sure if it’d be for the other artist too

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I could use them one here and one on insta and alternately in my stories