Making simple covers


Ya heard me again ladies and gentlemen. This time, it’s covers!
Just send me the details and I’ll try my best.


So cool!! :smile:


I love your work


Hey, are you still open for covers?




How do you request covers?


Just send the details in and a bit of description


This is my new story. It’s called “IN THE NAME OF LOVE” by Cat Hemmings. I need these two characters to be doing a different pose. They are lovers in the story so kinda make them doing something romantic for the cover. That’s all. I’ll appreciate it so much if you take the time to do it. Thank you.


I need their details. And do you want them in this clothing or something else?


The girl details are
Hair: Straight (Chestnut Brown)
Skin: Olive
Face: Diamond
Eyes: Upturned Luxe
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Blush)
Nose: Soft Natural
Eyebrows: Seductive Arch

The boy details are
Hair: Modern Pompadour (Fawn)
Skin: Peach
Face: Defined Triangle
Eyes: Deepset Piercing (Brown)
Mouth: Uneven (Blush)
Nose: Button
Eyebrows: Thin Arch

And yes, I want them in the same clothing.

Thank you :blush:


How is this pose?


Omg you’re the best. Is this the finish product? Or could you add the title and the author name (my name) as well?


No it’s just the pose. I’ll add background and shading etc. :smiley:


Okay I’ll wait . I like the pose :heart_eyes:


Hope you like it! :heart:


Very cool. Really works for my first story. I appreciate it thank you!:blush:


Will give you credits :slight_smile:


I’d like to request a cover with these two girls like their the same girl but one is her bad side and the other is her good side (platinum hair is good then the other is bad. So like the platinum blonde hair girl is doing a position idle_akward then I would like her bad side to do primp action i think its called where she looks at another character and dlips her hair) And I would like the two twins who look alike being in the corner depending where ever you would place the bad side character and the boy to be in the corner where her good side character is.
Also place the girl in the corner where her good side is next to the boy and if you could place the title “Arclane” in caps in front of them it would fit perfect. Thank you so much, if you need more details I’ll be glad to provide and I hope these images are perfect. (BTW for their outfits. Make the twins wear ANYTHING that’s bad ass with colors white and red. I’m so bossy LMAO sorry. And I will love to have the boy in the other corner wear blue and black. :slight_smile: then the girl next to him could wear any color. Go crazy and dress her lmao.
I would like if the good side would wear like anything cute that has the color pink, and the bad side could wear anything that has the color black. IF U CANT DO IT ALL ITS OKAY tell me what I have to do to fix anything. You don’t have to choose outfits just thought it’d be fun lmao. (ps. last thing. when putting hairstyles put the hairstyles just like where the whole character details states