Making some ink art:) (closed - making a new thread)

Hiya, I’m pretty bored right now so does anyone have any custom poses/art scenes/character cards/ pfps etc. that need making? (ink only sorry!)
here are some examples:

Let me know what you want:))
credit me using my forum name or my instagram: @ beas.stories


these look amazing! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!! hehe

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Hi I’d like something similar to this pose…here’s the character. I’m sorry if you have started already …but if not pls make it drawn…? Its totally fine if you have started editing it tho :heart:


With the same outfit mentioned above :smile:

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ok! does he have any special features like piercings or something?

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Yep black piercing in right ear and tattoos on arms

oki I’ll get that to you as soon as I can:)

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Oh myyy :heart_eyes: these are all so pretty and clear :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:
I would also like a pfp =)

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Thank you so much! And of course - just let me know your character details, outfit, pose and any other additional information:)

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Your edits are B O M B


These are so good. Like amazing. Like my head has exploded good :star_struck:


@Frey @Me_and_Mel ahh thank you so so much!!



Uploading: 6677ED23-9413-493B-8092-ED2659428336.png…


something like this if you can or whatever it’s easier for you

Can you add some freckles, earrings and I don’t know how to call it, ombre hair, like almost half of the hair would be purple and I would also like a night background
I think that’s all, if I’m missing something tell me =) hope I’m not asking to much

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hey girl these are so freaking good! is it okay if I ask what software you use to make them and the canvas size?

I don’t need anything but I just wanted to say these are amazing :heartpulse:


jesus lord THOSE ARE AMAZING HUEJHUEJHUE but gurllll those are so good!

Body: Light
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Black - (Straight)
Eyes: She does not have any lol she’s like a monster of some sort my story is hella weird she can’t keep an eye out for slener :((
Face: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Blush)

Pose: & Can you make the facial expression as well?

Could you make her other leg appear as well? the one that isn’t showing I want to show if that’s okay with you! :blush: lord sweet baby HUh your art is so good omgomgomogm

here is her outfit: she got no shoes on c:


hi!! before I request I was wondering if you thought you could do a pose like this

thank you!!

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oh wow you’re so good at that!!

I have a few limb requests if that’s okay with you!

They are male skin tone light
I hope this isn’t too much to ask but could you make them with and without tattoo’s? Let me know if it’s too much! It’s because my character has 1 tattoo on the other hand and none on the other :smile:



118932228_985283098582785_3275819625420568182_n (1)

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Your edits are awesome girl :blob_hearts:
Why were you hiding them for real :sneezing_face: :lemon:
I want to request one if possible and, the hair is straight not curly :revolving_hearts:

Like this pose


Thanks in advance babe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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