Making Songs With Words||GAME||

Here’s how you play!

You are gonna make a song, with words!

@Laiababy: I gotta sunny side up…
@Ajstyles: And baby it’s ready, so jump.
@Cookiepotatoesyay: And every egg is gonna turn into a sunny side up

Use Blur if you have something to say OUT of the game.


Follow the rules of Episode!

Now I’ll start:

Baby, you know I’ll be there when there’s sunlight.

But I know you won’t be there because you’re always awake at night! :thinking:

And everyones running in the summertime.

And that’s the way it’ll always be,

Until a lock in my heart…

Sets me free?

Draw a line in my heart.

And take me away,

If this ends up good, I kind of want to sing it.

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In the light, where everything is nice.


And we will sway to the songs of the birds in the sky.

Where everything is happy, and you’ll hold my hand…

And then I’ll yeet you into the sand.


Where everything is planned

Except for the end of this verse.

Where everything is worse.

You see, darling, turn the dang car in reverse.

And take it to a land, a never ending land.

OMG IM DYING :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Where everything is grand

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