Making Special Art Scenes/ Covers! (Closed- Catching Up!)



Hey! In order for me to practice, I’m offering special art scenes and custom covers! HMU with any details. Reply to opt in. Gonna try to do all!


Can I have a scene art?


Are you till doing this? Third🤣


Photoshop or digital art?


Um can anyone do a scene art for me?


I would like an art scene


Would really love an art scene from you :blush:


Alright! Send me character details! And the poses you want them in!


Perfect! Send me character details please! And let me know the poses you want them in!


I can! Just send details!


Either. I’m practicing everything!


Yes! It might take a while, but each of the requests is my priority! Just send details!


Of course! Send me all the details you want!


I was wondering if you could do a motorcycle scene with a tan girl on it with blue wavy hair, sable coloured lips and green eyes, with a bad ass outfit but I’ll let you decide that one for me. Sort of like her leaning on the motorcycle in the school parking lot having a smoke please.


Do you have examples? :blush:


Ok! Remember I’m still practicing, but I’ll try my best. :heart:


Ofc love, thank you :two_hearts:


I have a few.


Np. Thank you for helping me practice!


I’m not great, that’s why I’m practicing!:grimacing::blush: