Making Special Art Scenes/ Covers! (Closed- Catching Up!)

They look awesome, and np. It’s always great to practise cause it makes you better.

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Made it! Hope you like it!


Let me know if there’s anything you want added!

OMG I LOVE IT! Do you think you could add the smoke from the cigarette in for me please ?

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Of course!


You should join Episode harmony

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I would love a art scene, or a cover… If your still doing it *

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do you do limelight art scenes??

Yea! I’m practicing everything!

Can I request one?


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I have a request also.

Hey i need a art scene!

Send me the details!

and do you do custom backgrounds by any chance!

you should join episode harmony. your good!

Hey, can i get one Art scene? :grin: